Skylark Advantages

  • Location
    Location is the key element of all the Skylark Projects. Almost all the projects adjoin the IT corridor and are situated in the eastern part of Bangalore.

  • Design

    In a given space, the ability of a builder is to provide ample area and breathing area in an apartment, these have formed the cornerstone of all Skylark-designed apartments. Large open common lobbies, extended balconies, well-ventilated rooms and the latest in tiling and painting have endeared Skylark to its clients. Needless to add, bathroom and kitchen fittings are the latest available in the market

  • Quality

    Materials and accessories, after all, form the basic building block not only of apartments but also the reputation of the promoters. Skylark takes this seriously and materials/accessories used in its constructions are invariably the highest quality available in the market.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Skylark, being conscious of the cost factor, has a formula using which it works out its projects in a way as to make possible apartments at reasonable rates. This is ensured without comprising either the quality of materials or add-ons used. Earning the goodwill and satisfaction of clients being of paramount importance, the company is accommodative even to the extent of being flexible where profits are concerned.

  • Timely Execution

    In the Skylark business paradigm, a key element is the time factor. The delivery model has incorporated this scrupulously. The result has been that none of the projects so far has ever been delayed. clients have experienced with some surprise the promptness that has marked the handing over of apartments.

  • Transparency

    The Skylark management has always believed in working in a transparent manner, as regards cost and usage of materials besides the progress of an apartment during its construction. This means that the clients can question the usage of material, and keep a check on the quality of construction. Their doubts are almost always taken care of to their satisfaction by the company staff.

  • Client Service

    From the time of initial booking until the apartment is registered Skylark is a handmaiden for all its clients. Until the time of handing over and registration the company is at the beck and call of its clients. In several cases, even after the registration and handing-over formalities are completed, Skylark has stepped in with its services for clients even if it is not been technically bound to do so. The reason is simple: once a client, always a client, And more importantly, a member of the Skylark Family.

    The reason for keeping the client on a high pedestal is simple: The management is of the belief that it is the goodwill of the client that has made it possible for Skylark to grow from project to project. And, if it has to continue on its path to greater achievement the company will necessarily have to take care of the client’s needs first. This, the company recognizes and has resolved never to dilute.